Urban Art (vector)

Get some ideas for your next urban art project. Use these free vector graphics and add a little youth and city culture to your designs. The free vector shapes can be used as decoration elements or can be tweaked and incorporated into larger collages. This set of urban graphics include paint drips, graffiti markers and  symbols, many variations of arrows, and a city landscape. Many people associate music with urban art, and different music icons were incorporated as well,  such as vinyl records, speaker icons and sound waves. If you think of an urban cityscape, you also think of city structures, such as buildings, brick walls and chain link fences. Download this set, or come up with your own urban design and get some street cred.

Urban Art in Vector Graphics


  1. MiKe on

    Thanks very nice graphics!

    I’ll maybe use some of it in the final dreamZMP3 (MP3 Player for Android) release!

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