Economic Crisis Icons (vector)

When times get tough provides you with more free icons. This set of icons are perfect for any graphic application, such as websites or printed material. Included in this set are money icons, invoice icons, financial symbols, ball and chain icon, foreclosure sign and cut-up credit card icon. Try these on your next bank brochure or financial blog. While this temporary recession continues, we will continue to provide quality free graphics. Included in this set are illustrator (vector eps) graphics as well as layered bitmap graphics (psd).
Financial icons Money Icons Economic Icons


  1. David Hurley on

    Thank you for these – they exactly match my requirements.

    Just in case you are wondering, I found your site by typing “free icons recession” in google.

  2. satendar on

    Plz attach human Art and shape art and thank you very much your art is very perfect and usefull.. byy.

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