Organic Green Eco Vector Pack

Help promote an Eco-friendly environment with these organic vector graphics. Certified organic logos and environmental conservation graphics have become more of a trend lately as more people are involved with conserving nature, promoting healthier nutrition and energy saving. Use these earth-friendly graphics to create your own designs and show them off your all your granola-crunchy friends.

Organic vector graphics are often used to display awareness in the environment and energy saving benefits. When creating green Eco-friendly graphics I like to use a wide range of earth-tone colors and gradient variations. These colors, used with soft graphics with rounded-corners, help create a friendlier and more “organic” look. Labels, badges and logos can be created by using basic shapes with borders and solid backgrounds. The use of brown color to signify earth helps make some of these graphics stand out from other green graphics. Try them on your next designs.

This set of organic graphics include a variety of icons and stamps; from your basic green-leaf graphics to recycle and certified organic badges. The set includes many ecological elements that can be used to create new graphics, including plants, soil, leaves, stars, recycle icons and rain drops. In addition to the icons there are many shapes that can be used to create your own labels, for example circles, rounded rectangles, star bursts and diamond shapes.

While these graphic can be used as is, you probably want to create your own variations, specially when there is a specific purpose for them. Some good uses for these vector graphics include:

  • Printed logos and banners for all-natural products
  • Packaging material for organic foods, including fruits and vegetables
  • Company’s awareness in renewable energy and ecological conservation
  • Stickers for fresh green produce, perfect for supermarket foods
  • Website badges and rotating banners
  • Certified-organic food events, nutrition awareness seminars and healthy products
  • Recycle centers and reusable materials

Download this set and create your own fresh graphics. Use some grungy effects to create a more “recycled” look. Add some drop shadows to create icons and some thick rounded borders for your badges.

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  1. Coxy on

    Useless… products certfied by an organisation need to show the organizations logo… not just the text “certified organic”… that is completely meaningless

    • Henry on

      How are these useless? what if you were hired to create certification logos by an organization. These logos are for ideas and as starting points for similar designs: ” Use these earth-friendly graphics to create your own designs”. They are not meant to be slapped on a product. Thanks for your feedback, I do understand the concerns with just adding a fake certification logo.

  2. Air on

    Thank you so much for these. They are very useful and will save us time. They will be put to good use on our organic product labels. Air – Air Thai Life

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