Colorful Fun Dingbats

A few years ago, while working on various client projects during the day, I needed a break from work and just draw something for fun. This is how this set was created. This set of colorful vector dingbats had been sitting in my machine for years; so I cleaned up the icons, finish coloring some of the symbols and decided to make them available for free download.

These bright colored graphics can be used in many ways, they can be used in backgrounds on children-themed designs, electronic music flyers, or icon elements for tech blogs. These vector graphics have a wacky and futuristic look to them, so they can be easily implemented in any fun and colorful design. In addition to the bright icons, a black-and-white version is included as well. Modify these cute icons and create your own designs by changing the colors or rotating the graphics. Included in this set are various vector symbols, crop-circle style designs, geometric shapes, and colorful icon characters. Enjoy.


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