High-Tech Vector Graphics – Part 2

We’re back with a new set of high-tech graphics. This set includes a variety of dingbats and graphical elements to use on your next techie design. The inspiration for this set came from the original High-Tech Graphics pack. After various requests we’ve added this second set, which follows a similar concept. This set will help you create variations of design elements and multiple patterns to use on your next futuristic digital art.

Create a clean interface by incorporating subtle digital elements on your futuristic graphics. Incorporate random graphics as part of the background or on the edges to create that abstract-future-grunge look. Combining sharp objects with rounded edges also helps create a modern and contemporary look. This vector set was created in Adobe Illustrator using simple shapes and basic colors. After a simple graphic was created, it was sliced, repeated, cloned, rotated and flipped in order to create an interesting pattern.

This vector pack includes abstract circle objects, dotted patterns, hexagonal elements, circuit board elements and sharp edges. Other random elements include bar-code patterns, digital objects, loading graphics, equalizer graphics, crop-circle style designs and various repeating patterns. Note the use of a primary color pattern, then abruptly broken by a different color.

This set of creative hi-tech graphics can be used in a variety of applications from digital art to abstract wallpapers. Other uses include:

  • Abstract desktop backgrounds
  • Futuristic website designs
  • Navigation and user interface elements
  • Print patterns and high-tech banners
  • Digital illustration and concept art

Download this set and create your unique high-tech graphics by easily modifying the elements.

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