Music Player and Sound Icons

Are you addicted to music? Are you addicted to computer graphics? so are we, and now we give you some free vector music icons to complete your mp3 player graphics. These colorful player buttons are perfect for creating your own digital mp3 player or incorporate into any music player. This music vector set was created with light shadows, transparency and light gradation to provide a modern but subtle look.

Easily change the colors of these icons to match your own designs, and either export them as bitmap graphics or use them as scalable vector graphics in your application, such as Flash or Flex. These unique buttons can be easily incorporated and modified to fit your designs perfectly. This set contains your basic buttons including: mute, mute off, rewind, fast forward, skip, play, pause, record, stop, and equalizer.

Music player icons can be used in multiple types of applications such as:

  • Music flyers and banners
  • Playlist designs and music compilations
  • Mp3 player buttons and switches
  • Flash websites with audio and soundtracks
  • Remote control buttons to navigate video or audio
  • Animated equalizer graphics
  • Electronic music designs

Download this set, modify it, and turn up the volume.


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