Colorful Bursts

Whether you’re advertising a sale on print, or doing a special limited time offer on your online store, you will always need a burst to grab some attention. This set contains some classic star bursts, oval rings, high tech glossy icons and random star shapes. By using plain text on your banners and flyers your message is bound to get lost in the mix so don’t go without putting a little explosion in your ads.

Easily create your personalized burst by adding text or graphics to the center of the burst and quickly emphasize your statement.  Bursts are perfect way of adding some accent or an extra touch of color to any design. Simply overlay any star-shape element over your design and see how quickly this burst grabs your viewer’s attention.

Here are a few examples where these vector bursts can come in handy

  • ‘For sale’ or ‘Free’ starbursts
  • Web 2.0 or beta tags
  • A temporary promotion, or discount -“20% off”
  • Improved services – “More Power”
  • Quick call-to-action
  • Money back, or satisfaction guarantee badge
  • Seal of approval
  • Website badge and  stamps

Download this set and see how these vector bursts were created. Easily change the gradient colors, rotate the graphics and scale without loosing quality. Create your own burst by adding content to the center or the bursts.

    Download Free Colorful Bursts

  • Illustrator vector file with all templates (.ai)
  • Vector EPS (.eps)
  • Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG vector)
  • Thumbnail preview (.jpg)


  1. Lisa on

    the oval-shaped starbursts are tricky to make – thanks for sharing! …excellent metallic foil effects!!

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