Glossy Hearts in Vector

Every year for Valentine’s Day I’m asked to create cards or graphics that involve some type of hearts, and every year I scramble to find some good ideas online and try to create them from scratch. Last year I decided to make a nice set of of hearts with a few variations in style and colors that I can use reuse on future designs. I’ve put these designs together and made them downloadable for free.

Free Heart and Valentine's Day Graphics in Vector

While not every design needs some glossy-looking elements, current online trends seem to dictate some use of color gradation and lighting effects. These glossy graphics tend to call a lot of attention and create some dimension, with a touch of luxury.  Since these graphics are vectors it is very easy to manipulate the look of the designs. Its easy to remove elements, add a light drop shadow and scale them without loosing any quality.

Heart graphics can be used in a variety of application, from your teen-love valentine cards, to subtle elegant letters, to grunge-retro compositions. Combine these heart icons with floral graphics and see how easily hearts incorporate into designs.

This set includes different types of hearts, from the soft pink rounded hearts to red glowing hearts. While most of these are glossy, some are available as flat, but they can all be modified to fit your designs. Download and enjoy.


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