Web Elements: buttons, arrows, loading bars and more

A while back I created some vector elements to use on Flash websites I worked on. I used these elements as my default objects for many buttons and animated effects. Using dark backgrounds and glossy gradients gave each flash website a unique look. These vector elements were often modified in size, color and shape. The small glossy buttons worked great for interactive elements. Adding a glow animation and sound made each button stand out and provide a nice graphic user interface. Feel free to grab this zip file and use the vector graphics for your next project. You will love the quality of the gradients and bars. A little imagination and nice graphics can make any site stand out.

web elements - web buttongs - website art


  1. Jasmine on

    My cousin takes a graphic class and she has a lot of fun with it. So i decided to do some research and i found this site. It looks cool so i am thinking about doing some class too now right now i am to young but when i get older i will be able to so for right now i just practice with thangs and it is very fun thanks forletting me practice on your site it is so much helpful

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