Basic HTML Template

With all the recent advancements in web development and the new tools to quickly create a website, it is sometimes difficult for newbies to know where to start when it comes to website creation. In my opinion, it is essential for any good graphic designer to have a good base knowledge of HTML and CSS. While it can be relatively easy to install and run a CMS (Content Management System), it is sometimes not necessary to have a full-on installation if a client requires a basic 2-page website with minimal text and graphics.

free basic html template

Here we provide you with a free HTML template for you to open, edit and study it.  The html file contains the most common elements used when creating a website, such as header, content, sidebar, footer. The stylesheet (CSS) contains necessary information for layout and colors. Along with the .html and .css files we are also including the graphics used (jpeg) for the backgrounds and logo, and a layered file (PSD) for easy website mock-up creation.

    Download Free HTML Template

  • Homepage File (.html)
  • Stylesheet (.css)
  • 4 Images: backgrounds, header, logo (jpeg, gif)
  • Source files (psd, jpg)

Free template created by VIM Interactive
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