Sunset Vector Wallpaper

Here is a simple and clean vector sunset background with some birds and a boat, ready to use as concept art, wallpaper on your computer, a t-shirt transfer, or simply print and frame like art. ¬†After applying some text to these beach-themed graphics you can easily print and use it as a nice gift for the boat enthusiasts or surfers alike.¬† You never know when you will need some clouds and seascape to use on a concept you’re working on, or a sunny background for a website. Download this set and dissect it to create your own composition.

download free vector wallpapers - sunset design

Included in this set are four variations of beach vector graphics, using different colors and gradients. You can easily open this file with a program such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and modify the gradient colors. Elements in this illustration include a sun burst with sun rays, ocean waves, clouds appearing from the horizon, a flock of birds, a sail boat and decorative circle elements.

This vector wallpaper can be applied for various occasions:

  • Beach-theme greeting cards or invitations
  • Tropical computer desktop background
  • background for business cards or thank you notes
  • Sunrise landscape for screensaver
  • kid’s birthday party invitations and more

Download the set and analyze how vector illustrations are created. Use your own ideas and vector illustrations to create a unique composition.

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