Decorative Swirls – Part 2

With the popularity of the first Decorative Swirls set, we have created a follow up vector set that includes new swirls, ornate and floral graphics. Use these vector graphics on any different applications, such as photo collages, text scrolls or wallpapers. Apply swirl designs on top of black and white photos or to add elegance to any text layout. These vector swirls can be used as elements to break up paragraphs or sections in a webpage, or as background elements for a flyer or brochure.  Combine these decorative swirls with other vector graphics and create your own distressed backgrounds or a colorful abstract compositions. Included in this set are variations of floral designs, swirly elements, curved lines, ornate graphics and decorative flowers.

decorative vector swirls

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  1. aurora350 on

    I know this sounds really idiotic but…how do I download these vector images and use them? I tried but the folder won’t open

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